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Weekly Rendering Roundup 08092015

Here’s the rowdy, relevant, relentless & rare rendering we rounded up for you this week. Enjoy! SIGGRAPH 2015 Calendars Going to Siggraph? Lucky you! If you’re going then you should be there right now & probably aren’t reading this. But if you’re still en route or don’t have a plan, then check out these calendars […]

Weekly Rendering Roundup 07262015

Here’s some cool things we saw, read and heard online this week. (Unofficial) 3D render of Stamford Bridge – HT SBNation If you’re a Chelsea fan, then you’ve probably already seen this rendering video since it was everywhere in the Chelsea-verse this week. Thanks to Neil Vano for creating this. Digital Watercolor Painted in Photoshop […]

Weekly Rendering Roundup 07092015

Good or bad, we’re always online and we spend a lot of time looking at 3D rendering-related content from around the web. Of course, we also look at cat videos and the other weirdness that’s out there. Here’s some things we liked this week: Making of Meadow Mountain – ronenbekerman.com Ronen gives 3D artist Dominic […]

FluidRay RT 1.1.5 Released

We just released FluidRay RT 1.1.5, you can try it here. This version brings a ton of exciting new features, focusing both on usability and performance: Updated ray-tracing engine to Embree 2.5.1, resulting in much improved performance .STL format support, widely used in jewellery design and product design Camera import Objects are imported as separate entities […]

3dsMax to FluidRay step by step for easier rendering

In this tutorial we are going to cover step by step the process of taking a 3dsmax scene, exporting it in .fbx, and rendering it using FluidRay RT. The following are a couple of examples of the results achieved. The original scenes were taken from Evermotion Archexteriors collection and originally came as 3dsmax scenes with […]

MaxScript to prepare for exporting to FluidRay

This Maxscript for 3dSMax prepares the scene for better exporting to FluidRay RT. In particular, this script: Converts proxies to full-res meshes Converts VRayMaterial to Standard Material Converts VRayCamera to Standard Camera Converts VRayProxy to Regular Mesh Adjusts textures to be more faithfully exported Right before exporting, load the script in the Maxscript editor and […]

Introducing the New FluidRay.com

You might have noticed that things have been quiet on the site for the last few weeks. That’s because we’ve been working around the clock to get the new FluidRay.com up and running. We’re proud to introduce to the new, more visual, mobile-friendly site. It’s taken the team several weeks (with a lot of long […]

Goodies from Eurographics 2014

The 2015 Eurographics conference is only a few months away. It’s where some really talented people come together to look at the science and the art of computer graphics including modeling and rendering. Here are some videos from 2014 presentations that you might find interesting. It’s pretty cool to see what people are working on. […]