Introducing FluidRay RT v1.1.4

We’re proud to announce the latest version of FluidRay RT is ready for download. With this release, we’ve brought improvements to all the tools that make your renders great, and to the processes that make FluidRay RT one the best 3D rendering applications out there.

Here’s what you’ll find in FluidRay RT v1.1.4:

  • Much improved interface, easier navigation, new spinners for edit, slicker attribute editor look
  • Ability to specify a background image in the renderer
  • File size reduced to 1/3, much faster loads
  • New Glossy Diffuse Translucent material for better simulating organic objects such as leaves and skin
  • New Glossy Diffuse material to simulate a broader range of effects
  • Much faster SketchUp integration, now supporting alpha transparency
  • Integration plugins now save much less data, making the files much smaller
  • New demo scene
  • Improved object manipulators
  • Speed improvements
  • Major bug fixes