Supercharge Your Renderings: FluidRay Recent Release Features

FluidRay’s latest releases are chock-full of new features and improvements that will supercharge your renderings and enable you to create designs more efficiently. The FluidRay engineering team has been focused on usability, speed, and rendering quality so you can focus on what you do best – design! 

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New FluidRay Features

Lightning fast lighting

FluidRay offers many lighting options to make your rendering come to life. Lighting is an important part of rendering as it helps bring the image to life. Now, in complex lighting situations, FluidRay rendering is up 10x faster than in earlier releases!

Improved indirect lighting

Lighting interior spaces can be particularly tricky because the designer must account for both direct light inside (lamps and overhead lighting) as well as indirect sun or moonlight through the windows. FluidRay offers improved speed and quality for your scenes that include indirect lighting. 

Fast rendering modes

Now even faster rendering modes will allow you to quickly preview materials and textures and to adjust the camera as needed. 

Efficient handling of caustics

FluidRay exterior render with pool

Caustics, particularly those created in an image that contains water, can be difficult to perfect in a rendering. FluidRay now handles caustics much more efficiently. If you render images with pools or other water, FluidRay should be your go-to rendering tool! 

Camera positioning

You want your rendering to be viewed from an exact angle or point of view. Perhaps you want your image to be viewed from above or from an angle. In FluidRay’s recent releases, you can now do this with ease with more precise positioning of the camera. 

Improved preview speed

FluidRay creates renderings in real-time and now you can see the real-time results of your adjustments even more quickly. 

Emissive material texture

Emissive materials can now have a texture that modulates the intensity you set in a rendering. Now it is possible in FluidRay to simulate, for instance, the light emission of a television screen.

Transparent emissive materials

FluidRay has added the ability to make emissive materials transparent. Think of a surface that emits light and is transparent or see through. One typical scenario would be the rendering of flames.

Memory efficient textures

Our textures are now much more memory efficient allowing you to use thousands of high resolution textures without needing more memory on your computer.

If you want to experience how FluidRay can help you supercharge your renderings, download our software for a free trial. Our pricing is inexpensive so anyone can experience the good side of rendering!

5 Reasons Interior Designers Choose FluidRay for Rendering

There’s nothing like walking into a well-appointed space that has been well planned out yet feels natural and comfortable. Interior designers have a talent for creating these environments but it takes a special dance of communication and coordination with their clients to get it just right. To support this level of communication, designers turn to FluidRay as their choice software for easy and fast rendering.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you’ll love FluidRay rendering software too:

1. Quick Learning Curve

FluidRay’s intuitive interface and straightforward training resources make learning 3D rendering effortless. Our engineers designed FluidRay with usability in mind and the workflow can be grasped in a matter of minutes. To make rendering even easier, FluidRay comes with a large library of environments, materials and backgrounds. Check out our training tutorials for more details on learning how to render images in FluidRay. You’ll create designs quickly and easily, freeing yourself up to focus on imagining interiors for your clients. 

Regardless of technical expertise, anyone can get up to speed on FluidRay in just a few minutes.  

I love how I can drag & drop materials, lights and furniture in my interiors and quickly see the results! I can produce different proposals for my clients in no time. I can even tweak the illumination and materials while they stand by my side!

– Evelyn G.

2. Lightning Fast

With many rendering applications, large images can take several hours to complete. However, FluidRay’s lightning fast technology allows you to create immediately visible images that can be edited as needed, streamlining your workflow! Our engineers use artificial intelligence to ensure super fast performance and there are no GPU limitations. 

I don’t usually have the luxury to spend time figuring out how to make a realistic material or set up a lighting studio for each new product; here’s when FluidRay comes to the rescue.

– Diego P.

3. Affordable

Our pricing plans make FluidRay accessible to anyone with no long term contracts or hidden fees making it the tool of choice for independent designers and firms alike. In fact, ALL3DP recently ranked FluidRay as one of the best rendering tools on the market, comparing it with rendering software that costs considerably more.  Learn more about our pricing options and find a plan that works best for you. 

4. Creates Stunning Designs

Did you know that FluidRay can take your 3d model and transform it into a realistic and beautiful image in a matter of seconds? While designers will review a 2d image and can imagine its full potential, many interior design clients struggle with 2d images and will imagine a space much more confidently with a rendered file. Using FluidRay to communicate by sharing realistic images allows you to better communicate with your clients both during the proposal phase and design phase to get plans exactly right. FluidRay also enables you to make changes to your rendered images on the fly so you can quickly communicate changes, impressing your clients and getting the job done.

Interior Rendering in FluidRay by Sekhar Roy

I downloaded FluidRay, played around with the settings (very intuitive) and in a few minutes I was able to show my clients beautiful images of my designs.

– Ian P.

5. Compatibility

FluidRay is compatible with your favorite modeling software and supports the following formats: SketchUp (.skp), Rhino OpenNurbs (.3dm), FBX (.fbx), Alias Wavefront (.obj), Collada (.dae), 3DS (.3ds, .ase), DirectX (.X), Stanford PLY (.ply), STereoLithography (.stl).

Simply open up FluidRay, click “import model” and select your file. You’ll be rendering in seconds! The included extensive library of materials, models, and lights all readily available in an easy drag & drop interface enables you to create any space you can imagine. 

FluidRay’s extensive features, easy-to-use interface, quick rendering capabilities, affordability, stunning designs, and modeling software compatibility make it the perfect rendering software for interior designers. 

If you want to experience how FluidRay can help you inspire your clients, download our software for a free trial. Our pricing is inexpensive so anyone can experience the good side of rendering!

Complex interior lighting with FluidRay

New interior rendering with FluidRay

New Ferrari rendering with FluidRay

Latest Instagram Post on FluidInteractive

Latest Instagram Post on FluidInteractive

FluidRay 2

Weekly Rendering Roundup 09062015

Another week, and we’ve seen a lot of cool rendering and design related content come out. Here’s our picks:

20 Futuristic Transformers-Like Furniture Designs by Jane Clark

Honestly, Jane had us at “Transformers”. This collection of animated gifs highlights 20 furniture designs that save space, save time or give you flexiblity.

Our favorites:

#6, The Fusillo Bookshelf:

A modular shelving system that doesn’t have to take up a lot of space, and can be re-configured depending on your needs. One of the big problems with apartment living is finding a way to store everything with limited closet space. I could configuring the Fusillo to hold my bike, a few jackets, a my mail by the entryway.

#15 Trick:

This convertable, table/desk/bookshelf combo looks good and gives you 3 essential furniture pieces in one. I can’t seem myself switching between all options regularly, but it would definitely be cool as a desk and bookshelf.

#18 Chuck:

Chuck seems like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The flexible plank system lets you configure a number of different shelf sizes and lengths based on the weight and height of the items. I could see this being a great conversation piece, though I’d be very nervous about putting more than a few books on it.

The Black Desert House by Oller & Pejic Architecture via

You’ll need to visit the site to see more because they’ve got some image DRM thing happening, but here is a peak.

If you like desert landscapes and ultra-modern design, then you’ll fall in love with this house by Oller and Pejic Architecture

That’s it for this week. Yes, there was a lot of other stuff out there, but these are what caught our attention.

Weekly Rendering Roundup 08232015

Another week and another batch of cool rendering-related content from around the web. Enjoy!

Stephen Hill’s big list of SIGGRAPH 2015 links

This list is awesome! Hill provides a single stop for links to papers, courses, talks and more that went on at SIGGRAPH this year. It’s a great resource. Here’s his 2014 list as well.

Volcano Mapped by Drones and then Rendered – Wired

There is so much to love in this story: futuristic technology, a passionate geek, Mother Nature reminding us how badass she can be, and some really amazing renders.

Ambrym Volcano with Pix4Dmapper

Apple Files Patent for “Depth Rendering” – Patently Apple

I’m not sure how much to care about this. I’m an Android guy, but the technology patent filed with the U.S. Patent Office describes taking 2D images and video and creating the illusion of 3D depth.

Not sure when this will come into the market, and it sounds a lot like RealSense that was unveiled by Intel recently. But I’m all for advancements in how images and video are rendered. It would be cool if this technology made it to phones and tablets in the near-future.

That’s it for this week. If you’ve got something you think should be covered, the add it in the comments.