Weekly Rendering Roundup 07262015

Here’s some cool things we saw, read and heard online this week.

(Unofficial) 3D render of Stamford Bridge – HT SBNation

If you’re a Chelsea fan, then you’ve probably already seen this rendering video since it was everywhere in the Chelsea-verse this week.

New Chelsea Stadium - Animation 1

Thanks to Neil Vano for creating this.

Digital Watercolor Painted in Photoshop by Thanet Chanasakul – SketchUpArtists.org

Experienced architectural illustrator, Thanet Chanasakul, gives us an awesome 17-step tutorial on rendering watercolor images in PhotoShop. The final work is vibrant and something you’d be happy hanging on a wall. The tutorial is detailed enough to help you create your own work, but still accessible for anyone with a basic knowledge of PhotoShop.

Watercolor architectural image

8 Minute Eminem Freestyle – Sway’s Morning Show

Slim Shady dropped by Sway’s radio show and dropped an 8 minute freestyle that touched on enough pop culture to qualify as a TMZ post. Good to know he’s till got it.