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How to Apply Environment Maps in FluidRay RT for Realistic Rendering

Tutorial on how to set environment lighting in FluidRay RT real-time global illumination renderer. Using light coming from the environment can be a great way to make your rendering look photo-realistic. In FluidRay RT, there are some special objects called “Environments” that can be used for this purpose. This video will cover: Applying Environments to […]

How to Navigate FluidRay RT Viewport

Brief tutorial showing viewport navigation in FluidRay RT real-time renderer. Easy navigation into your 3d models is important for a comfortable workflow. This video will cover: How to rotate, pan and zoom the camera Different mouse combinations for navigation For more tutorials, check out the Tutorial Page. FluidRay RT Tutorial – Viewport NavigationWatch this video […]

How to Import models in FluidRay RT for Quick Rendering

Tutorial on how to import 3d models from 3rd party modelers into FluidRay RT. FluidRay RT can be also used as a standalone renderer, allowing you to import any 3d model and render it using FluidRay RT technology. This video will cover: Importing an entire scene created in an external modeler Importing objects into a […]

How to Integrate FluidRay RT with SketchUp for Easier Rendering

FluidRay RT Tutorial on how to install and quickly get started with the integration plugin for SketchUp. Using the integration plugin will allow you to conveniently render models directly from inside SketchUp using FluidRay RT technology. This video will cover: Installing FluidRay RT with SketchUp integration How FluidRay RT interconnects with SketchUp Edit and render […]

Videos for 2015 Interior Design Trends

One of the best ways to impress a client with your interior design renderings is to show that you’re aware of current design trends and have an eye on what’s becoming popular. Interior design — like fashion — tends to be cyclical but also quick to change. If you want to keep clients excited or […]

FluidRay RT 1.1.2 Released

Today we’re releasing v1.1.2 of of FluidRay RT. The new version improves FluidRay’s interface, fixes bugs, makes using our integrations easier. You can get it here In this version: Integration plugins are automatically installed when installing Fluidray Improved interactivity of Sun & Sky Environment Cameras are now exported while in integration mode Better window layout […]