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Customer Spotlight: Product Design Student, Peter Zheng, Uses FluidRay to Present Product Ideas

Here’s something you probably haven’t seen before – a high-end, simple, ergonomic, and beautiful hair dryer. Sorry though, this product isn’t available just yet! The FluidRay team first noticed Peter’s unique product ideas on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/peterzheng99/). Peter’s designs and his ability to realistically render the images caught our attention and we knew we needed to […]

Rendering Software Important Features for Interior Designers

Many interior designers already know how much their clients appreciate seeing realistic images of interior designs. A rendered image allows designers to create very detailed and realistic designs to share with their clients. These detailed images make communicating ideas efficient and effective, saving money on your projects.  If you’re an interior designer just getting started […]

Why FluidRay Is the Best Rendering Software

Until recently, architects, interior designers, jewelry designers, and other product designers relied on 2D and 3D drawings to share with their customers design ideas. These drawings provided details like dimensions, heights, sizing, material thicknesses, and surfaces; for the most part, these details sufficiently got design ideas across.  Today, designers are able to greatly enhance their […]

Improve Your SketchUp Interior Design Rendering Skills With These Tutorials

Are you an interior designer learning how to render your 3D SketchUp models? Rendering interiors in FluidRay is very easy, quick, and affordable. Designers don’t need expensive hardware because our software runs smoothly on most computers. Also, FluidRay creates designs in real-time so designers can see and modify their work as they go. If you […]

FluidRay: Jewelry Design Rendering Software

Jewelry designers traditionally would create jewelry designs with pencil and paper to share design ideas. Next, the jewelry piece was carved out in wax or plastic to give customers an opportunity to interact with the prototype and decide if the piece was right. While many designers still create models this way, rendering software will take […]

The Best Rendering Software for SketchUp

Try FluidRay for Free! Design in Real Time Quickly share multiple design options and adjust designs on the fly. Decisions are made quickly and efficiently to shave time off your projects. Save Money Design changes and issues are discovered early, before construction begins or materials are purchased, to avoid costly delays.  Create Detailed Designs Clients […]


Create Detailed Designs Clients can better visualize the entire project and sample different items like materials, fixtures, paint colors and lighting. Save Money Design changes and issues are discovered early, before construction begins or materials are purchased, to avoid costly delays.  Communicate Ideas Communicate design ideas and modifications to your clients quickly and effectively to […]