FluidRay RT Demo 0.7.2 Beta Released | Bump Mapping

Hi All,
We just released FluidRay RT 0.7.2 featuring:
-Bump mapping
-Fixed HDRI enviroment map scale issue
-Fixed text fields enter issues in the Attribute Editor
-Obj import now also imports textures and bump
-FluidRay RT x64 now installs in the “Program Files” and not in “Program Files (x86)”
-A bunch of other bug fixes
As usual, you can grab the package from the download page.

FluidRay RT demo 0.7.1 released

We just released FluidRay RT 0.7.1 featuring:
-Improved compatibility with AMD processors and video cards not supporting multisampling
-Sun-Sky procedural environment
-Up to 25% speed improvement
-A bunch of bug fixes
As usual, you can grab the demo from the download page.

FluidRay RT Demo 0.7.0 Beta Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of FluidRay RT real-time global illumination renderer. This is a huge update. New features:
– Spectral Rendering. The rendering is done now on a per wavelength basis, producing much more realistic results.
– Node library and Drag&Drop: assigning materials to objects, changing environment lighting, etc. is now done thru a super simple drag&drop interface, all in real-time. Nodes can be added to the library using Drag&Drop as well.
– IES lights, Spot lights
– Blackbody and arbitrary spectrum illumination
– Realistic Metals
– Participating media
– Video Tutorials to get started
– Speed Improvements & Bug Fixes

You can try FluidRay RT now by downloading the demo.

You can find a series of FluidRay RT introductory videos in the help page.