Heterogeneous media and atmospheric scattering

Yet more volumetrics

Another test. The clouds are made by the same OpenVDB heterogeneous grid instanced multiple times at different scales and rotations. The air is an homogeneous medium with atmospheric scattering. The trees and grass are instances as well.

New architectural rendering

We just added a new architectural rendering to the gallery. Click on the image to view the full resolution image.

Real time architectural rendering of a modern house

Unbiased Volumetrics

We just finished implementing full unbiased volumetrics with multiple scattering in the PathTraceIntegrator.
Here is a image rendered using the metropolis sampler. Please note the halo around the lights and the god-rays coming through the plant on the left. As usual you can tweak all the properties of participating media in real-time.
Volumetrics will be available starting from release 0.9.9.

Unbiased Volumetrics in Fluidray RT

“Palazzo dell’Universita’ di Genova”

A university building in Genova, Italy. Rendering by Roberto Pittaluga, modeling by Luca Sassone.

Palazzo dell'Universita' di Genova. Rendering by Roberto Pittaluga, modeling by Luca Sassone

New Architectural Rendering

Hi Everybody,
Alberto just finished a new architectural rendering (model by Mauro Bonan), check it out:
Architectural Rendering in real-time