How to Integrate FluidRay RT with Rhino3D for Easier Rendering

FluidRay RT Tutorial on how to install and quickly get started with the integration plugin for Rhinoceros 3d.

Using the integration plugin will allow you to conveniently render models directly from inside Rhino using FluidRay RT technology. This video will cover:

  • Installing FluidRay RT with Rhino integration
  • How FluidRay RT interconnects with Rhino
  • Edit and render models in real-time
  • Applying materials & and changing surface appearance
  • Applying environment lighting

For more tutorials, check out the Tutorial Page.

FluidRay RT 1.0.4 now has Rhino 3d Integration

We are glad to announce the release of the first of a series of FluidRay RT integration plugins for the major 3d modeling applications.
The first plugin released is FluidRay RT for Rhinoceros 3D. Remember to update the FluidRay RT application as well. Download Page.
Rhinoceros 3D integration plugin

With FluidRayRhino integration plugin for Rhinoceros you can now create photo-realistic renderings in just a few seconds from inside Rhino.

  • Rhino materials and textures are used directly in your renderings
  • You can also use the extensive list of materials, textures and lighting environments from the FluidRay RT library
  • All changes in made inside Rhino are updated in real-time in the render window
  • All additional FluidRay information is stored directly inside the Rhino file