Hazy Meadow

Another test with volume rendering and instancing in FluidRay RT.

Hazy meadow | Volume Rendering

Unbiased Volumetrics

We just finished implementing full unbiased volumetrics with multiple scattering in the PathTraceIntegrator.
Here is a image rendered using the metropolis sampler. Please note the halo around the lights and the god-rays coming through the plant on the left. As usual you can tweak all the properties of participating media in real-time.
Volumetrics will be available starting from release 0.9.9.

Unbiased Volumetrics in Fluidray RT

New tutorials on Light Channels and Instancer

We updated all the tutorials to reflect the changes in the recent releases. You can check them out in the help page.
In particular, we explain how to generate multiple light outputs and how to use the instancer node to create scenes with high complexity:

Light Channels
FluidRay RT misc tutorials | Light Channels | Real-Time
Instancer Node
FluidRay RT misc tutorials | Instancer Node | Real-Time

Starting FluidRay RT from command line

With the latest version of FluidRay RT it’s possible to import files directly from the command line.

First of all, you need to find the installation location of the executable file fluidrayrt.exe.

For example, it could be in C:\Program Files\FluidInteractive\FluidRay RT Demo x64\fluidrayrt.exe.

You could then import a file from command line by calling C:\Program Files\FluidInteractive\FluidRay RT Demo x64\fluidrayrt.exe -i <file to import>.

Of course, by adding the path C:\Program Files\FluidInteractive\FluidRay RT Demo x64\ to the system PATH environment variable, you would just have to call fluidrayrt -i <file to import>.

FluidRay RT 0.9.8 Released

We just released FluidRay RT 0.9.8. You can get it here

New features include:

  • Easier import of scenes from the File Menu (File->Import)
  • Many new import formats. The supported formats now include: Alias Wavefront (.obj), SketchUp (*.skp), Rhino OpenNurbs (*.3dm), Collada (*.dae), FBX (*.fbx) , 3DS (*.3ds, *.ase), DirectX (.X), Stanford PLY (*.ply). Note: SketchUp format is supported only in Windows for now.
  • Possibility to start FluidRay RT from command line(fluidraygui -i <file to import>)
  • New widget to set the sun direction in the Sun-Sky Environment
  • A lot of interface improvement and bug fixes