FluidRay RT 0.8.0 Released | Metropolis light transport

We just released FluidRay RT 0.8.0 featuring:
– A new sampler type implementing Metropolis light transport
– Possibility to share your renderings on Facebook
As usual, you can get it from the download page

Real-Time Metropolis Sampling

Hi everybody, we have been working hard on a new sampling algorithm that will add real-time metropolis sampling to FluidRay RT!
Metropolis sampling is a technique that can improve convergence speed in many situations.
The release is imminent, stay tuned!
Metropolis sampling

FluidRay RT 0.7.7 Beta | Much better AMD support

We just released FluidRay RT 0.7.7 Beta, featuring:
-Fixed incompatibilities with AMD processors, now it should work on pretty much any machine
-Improved UI and added pan functionality for people missing the middle mouse button
-Bug fixes and speed improvements

FluidRay RT 0.7.6 Released | Dispersion

Just released FluidRay RT v.0.7.6 with the following new features:
-Output to high dynamic range formats, such as HDR and EXR
-Wavelength dependent index of refraction (dispersion)
-Some new gem materials
-Speed improvements and bug fixes