FluidRay RT 0.8.2 Released | Rough Glass | Mix Material

We just released FluidRay RT 0.8.2 Beta. This version brings a ton of new features and improvements in both workflow and flexibility:

  • A new Direct Lighting Integrator
  • Graph editor usability improvements
  • Dragging textures to the scene from the library will assign the texture to the corresponding material
  • Zoom extents in the Render view
  • Autofocus on camera
  • Mix scattering and Null scattering types (to combine different material types and to allow alpha transparency on arbitrary materials)
  • More viewing options to improve interactivity on heavy scenes (remember to recreate the renderer and camera nodes in your old scenes)
  • Possibility to choose the number of threads used by the renderer
  • 10-15% speed improvement
  • Rough glass and matte translucent materials
  • Fixed some problems with glass and gems materials
  • Fixed fireflies in the occluded environment material

FluidRay RT 0.8.2 is available for free in the download page.