Eurographics Presentations for Learning Advanced Modeling

If you’re passionate about design, modeling and rendering then you know that there is always something new going on with technology and techniques. Sometimes you can take online courses or get into a classroom; but often you need to pickup new ideas and skills from less formal training.

Eurographics is the conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics. Researchers, students, practitioners and programmers come together every year to discuss new techniques, applications and ideas.

Here are some videos from Eurographics 2012 & 2013 that show how much the space has evolved, but also shows some ways that you can leverage features of FluidRay RT — like Volumetrics and Instancer Nodes — to take your rendering to the next level.

Manipulation of Flexible Objects by Geodesic Control (Eurographics 2012)

Factored Facade Acquisition using Symmetric Line Arrangements (Eurographics 2012)

Interactive Facades: Analysis and Synthesis of Semi-Regular Facades (Eurographics 2013)

Smart Variations: Functional Substructures for Part Compatibility (Eurographics 2013)

EG 2013, Pose-Space Image-Based Rendering

Some of the stuff in these videos is purely theoretical. You might see these features and applications in software releases down the line, but they are strictly academic right now. That said, a lot of what’s done here can be adapted to your animations and renderings with a little ingenuity.

I hope these videos give you some ideas for the future. Checkout out our Eurographics playlist on YouTube for more videos.