Interior rendering

Just added an interior rendering to the gallery done by Alberto in FluidRay RT using the new Low Discrepancy sampler:
Interior Rendering

FluidRay RT now on Mac

We just released FluidRay RT for Mac OSX! For now there is only the 64bit version, but the 32bit version is coming soon! Get it for free from the download page.

FluidRay 0.8.1 | Now Free | Embree 1.1 | Low Discrepancy Sampler

We just released FluidRay RT 0.8.1 Beta. This is a another big
release, featuring a ton of improvements in speed and usability:

  • FluidRay RT is now completely free, registration is no longer required
  • Updated to Embree 1.1 (better speed, lower memory usage)
  • Added a Low Discrepancy sampler
  • Improved quality and convergence speed on Metropolis sampler (more
    to come in the upcoming releases)
  • New object manipulator (adding rotation as well)
  • Quick resolution picker in the RenderView
  • Automatic disconnection of nodes when connecting to a plug that has
    already a connection
  • Added some velvet materials to the library
  • Graph editor zoom is now centered on the cursor
  • Automatic save of .bak files

As usual, you can get it for free in the download page.

FluidRay RT 0.8.1 | Embree 1.1

We are just a few days away from the release of FluidRay RT 0.8.1, we thought it would be cool to let you know some of the new features:
– Integration with Intel Embree 1.1, which means smaller memory usage and faster performance
– Metropolis sampler improvements
– A bunch of user interface improvements to speed up workflow
Stay tuned!

FluidRay RT 0.8.0 Released | Metropolis light transport

We just released FluidRay RT 0.8.0 featuring:
– A new sampler type implementing Metropolis light transport
– Possibility to share your renderings on Facebook
As usual, you can get it from the download page

Real-Time Metropolis Sampling

Hi everybody, we have been working hard on a new sampling algorithm that will add real-time metropolis sampling to FluidRay RT!
Metropolis sampling is a technique that can improve convergence speed in many situations.
The release is imminent, stay tuned!
Metropolis sampling

FluidRay RT 0.7.7 Beta | Much better AMD support

We just released FluidRay RT 0.7.7 Beta, featuring:
-Fixed incompatibilities with AMD processors, now it should work on pretty much any machine
-Improved UI and added pan functionality for people missing the middle mouse button
-Bug fixes and speed improvements

FluidRay RT 0.7.6 Released | Dispersion

Just released FluidRay RT v.0.7.6 with the following new features:
-Output to high dynamic range formats, such as HDR and EXR
-Wavelength dependent index of refraction (dispersion)
-Some new gem materials
-Speed improvements and bug fixes

FluidRay Demo 0.7.3 Released | Procedurals

We just released FluidRay RT demo 0.7.3, featuring:
-Procedural Textures
-Improved UI
-A bunch of bug fixes
You can check out the demo at the download page.

FluidRay RT Demo 0.7.2 Beta Released | Bump Mapping

Hi All,
We just released FluidRay RT 0.7.2 featuring:
-Bump mapping
-Fixed HDRI enviroment map scale issue
-Fixed text fields enter issues in the Attribute Editor
-Obj import now also imports textures and bump
-FluidRay RT x64 now installs in the “Program Files” and not in “Program Files (x86)”
-A bunch of other bug fixes
As usual, you can grab the package from the download page.