Watch Site Modeling In SketchUp Tutorial Video

A lot of professional 3D modeling work relates to architectural…
March 23, 2016/by Chris Boulanger

Watch How to Create Thai Temple Model in SketchUp Pro 2015

Building architectural models from the ground up takes imagination,…
March 17, 2016/by Chris Boulanger

Where to Find .SKP Files

Regular SketchUp users probably already have a big archive of…
March 15, 2016/by Chris Boulanger

Cool Video on the Merits of HDRI for 3D Rendering

The images you use as sources and output have a big impact on…
March 7, 2016/by Chris Boulanger

3D Rendering Animation of San Francisco Mission Bay Arena

I live in San Francisco so I'm probably more psyched about this…
March 1, 2016/by Chris Boulanger

Cool Video: See How Rendering Works in Games

Found this video on the HappieCat YouTube channel. This video…
February 24, 2016/by Chris Boulanger
All rights, Studio Aiko

Awesome Architectural Rendering Animation by Studio Aiko

Found this on the CGBros YoutubeChannel. It's an animation of…
February 22, 2016/by Chris Boulanger

FluidRay RT from $9.99 / month!

Starting from today, FluidRay RT is been offered as subscription…
September 29, 2015/by nicola
FluidRay RT render

FluidRay RT 1.2.0 with Modo integration released

We just released FluidRay RT 1.2.0, you can download it here.

September 16, 2015/by nicola
Luxology Modo Integration

How to Integrate FluidRay RT with Modo for Easier Rendering

FluidRay RT Tutorial on how to quickly get started with the integration…
September 16, 2015/by nicola

Weekly Rendering Roundup 09062015

Another week, and we've seen a lot of cool rendering and design…
September 6, 2015/by Chris Boulanger

Where to Find .3dm files

You can build your own .3dm files but it takes time and you may…
August 25, 2015/by Chris Boulanger
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